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What is Phonics?

what is Phonics

Reading is a lifelong activity. Since written English is essentially a symbolic representation of the sounds of the language, an understanding of the sound structure of language (phonological awareness) facilitates the transition between spoken and written language skills. Without an understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds, reading cannot occur. Phonics is one of the primary building blocks of reading.

The conservative look-and-say method (A for Apple), enables the child to ‘read’ only those words that they have seen or learned. Phonics helps to generalize the approach of learning a language. With different phonetic rules, the learner can apply those skills to any word that comes across, irrespective of whether they have seen that word before or not.

What is Phonics Fun?


Phonics fun is a conceptual program specially designed for the learners to read and write through Synthetic Phonics. It is a child centered course, that is fun and multi-sensory, keeping the learner at the centre of the learning curve. It involves a lot of fun activities, stories, actions of each sound, optimal use of audio-visual aids, flashcards, puzzles, games and lots & lots of individual reading practice. Phonics Fun is, however, about more than simply learning to read. It is about teaching them how to love to read.

Phonics Fun methodology is owned & published by EduCare Centre Of Excellence Pvt Ltd, India. The concept was founded in the year 2007 by Jasmin Maredia, who is also the Founder & Managing Director of the company. It has evolved over a decade of continuous research and development. The company now has more than 50 franchisees & 250 trainers across India, USA, Africa & Canada. We have served more than 50,000 learners over these years. Our vision is to make this amazing concept available to each & every learner around the globe.