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Business Potential

Business Potential

As we have entered into the 21st century, where meritocracy is in demand like never before. It is thus very important to get a competitive edge over others in this fast paced world. Parents are well aware of the educational needs of their children and they leave no stones unturned to ensure that their child gets 'the best' of all.

The business has a potential to generate more than Rs 1 Lakh a month, provided you have a vision to grow to that level. And when we say this, we really are not joking at all. We, as your support system can help you plan your roadmap to success and growth, if you are really willing to make a difference in your life & business. This is a business where you can earn whatever you desire for, if you plan and execute those plans through the actions needed.

Writing  Genius

  • Target audience: The program is designed to cater the needs of all age groups. Handwriting has been a problem for students, graduates, professionals, business owners etc, so every person is a potential student.
  • A survey shows that 1 in 3 children have handwriting problems.
  • Parents have realized the importance of handwriting but they do not have dedicated courses which can provide professional and full proof training for it.
  • Parents do not want their children to lose 15 to 20% marks due to poor handwriting. Also, with so many competitive exams, speed plays a vital role in timely completion of the exam papers.
  • With many companies offering handwriting courses, we stand out in that crowd, due to our strong commitment and dedication to make a real difference through our quality courses and follow ups. We can guarantee that you would stand out among your competitors through our experience & expertise to ensure high quality courses been delivered.

Phonics  Fun

  • As it is said that 'English language is your passport to this world' and with the growing concern about language communication has lead parents understand the importance of Phonics learning. Phonics builds the foundation of English language development in areas of reading, speaking and writing. Without a good foundation of Phonics, English language development will not happen to the standards which are needed in today’s competitive environment.
  • 47% children studying in Class 5 cannot even read Class 2 textbooks and the trend has worsened in the last two years., according to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2012.
  • Schools providing phonics in the academic curriculum is very limited and there are no quality, branded learning centers for phonics.
  • Parents wants to ensure that their children have a good command on English language.
  • There is no awareness about the importance of Phonics learning among parents, which gives you an opportunity to grow & flourish your business without any strong or No competition. We will train you to spread the awareness among parents through our Parent counseling.
  • As Phonics is a very new concept for many cities/towns/talukas/villages, the market is huge for business. Phonics Fun caters to all the age group learners from 4 yrs to 14 yrs.


  • There are so many students who are confused about the career options that they can opt for based on their strengths. DMIT can be an amazing tool to help them discover their areas of strengths on the basis of which they can chose the best career for them.
  • There is a myth among a lot of parents that DMIT is only for career counseling and it is helpful for only students of grade 10th to 12th to decide on their careers. In fact DMIT report can give you a complete analysis of the personality, behavior, innate potential, strengths, weaknesses, learning style, thought process, multiple intelligence distribution and many more. The early the report is done, the better it is to work on the different areas for their optimal utilization. DMIT reports can be done for any individual from 1 yr onwards. No age bar.
  • Today, due to the lifestyle and working patterns of the modern time, there have been a lot of issues between the parents and children. DMIT can help understand a lot of areas about the child, for the parent to connect with the child in a better way.
  • With DMIT still not known to many cities/towns/talukas/villages, there is a big market to capture and reach.
  • With a lot of companies operating with not so genuine cheap DMIT softwares and reports, we stand out in the market with our strong commitment towards providing genuine, authentic and quality DMIT reports and counseling services to our clients. For COE credentials click here


  • Today, a lot of students are facing stress, anxiety, low self confidence, low self esteem, fears and a lot of issues in their day to day life. These along with other reasons, have lead to low academic and social performance among students.
  • Our ESP course caters to a lot of psychological, emotional, social and spiritual challenges that the students face. It is a course of LIFE TRANSFORMATION, which is very much needed today.
  • With the challenges of modern time, it is important that the children have self empowering tools with them, so that they do not survive in life but they LIVE their lives fully to their potential.
  • There are organizations which claims psychological and academic results through courses like Midbrain Activation with the pretext of earning huge fees from parents, but no where the claims they make are true. We are strongly committed to provide a LIFE TRANSFORMING experience with this amazing course to our learners.
  • There is a huge market to be explored with this amazing course, through schools, coaching classes and other educational organizations. The age category are children from 8 to 16 yrs.