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Our Vision

To devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services through strength in research and excellence in education.


Our Mission

As an international institution, in achieving its mission, COE operates on the core principles of quality, relevance, impact and access.


Our Guiding Principles

To provide the environment, resources and programs that will create opportunities for optimizing the student's academic, social and personal growth.

Company Profile

It is my pleasure to share our story & journey of how Centre Of Excellence was born. As a child I had a terrible handwriting. It was so bad, that even I sometimes was not able to read what I wrote. I was insulted by teachers for such illegible handwriting in front of the entire class. This resulted in low self esteem and low self confidence in me. I would avoid doing homework, taking down notes and all such activities which involved writing. I was a very bright student, but would always miss out on scoring good marks because of my poor handwriting skills. Even in my 10th std board exams, I couldn't score very good marks and somewhere I felt that it was because of my illegible handwriting.

Also, I didn't have a good command on the English language and would always struggle to speak confidently in the class or with my teachers. Reading English fluently was a challenge for me too and so was expressing my ideas and thoughts in writing. So, this was my schooling days with a lot of struggle, which extended to my college and even later. I was an introvert, a loner and I grew up with low self esteem, low self confidence, feeling I wasn't good enough and having no friends. I also struggled to choose the right career, for which I would be passionate about. And in this search, I ended up changing a few careers, in which a few lasted for a few years & some for a few months. It took me 27 years to realize & discover my passion.

Finally, one day thinking about what would really drive me in my life, I recalled the negative and painful memories of my school and college life, where I struggled with writing, language, career, confidence and many more things. And, that was the day when  I decided to come up with a concept & idea, which would help children like me to cope up with the problems that I faced in my life with complete confidence and positivity. I promised myself not to let any child go through the same pain and suffering that I went through in my childhood and years of adolescence. I had a vision of starting an educational enterprise, offering courses which will help the learners excel in areas of school and their life.

That was the day when 'Centre Of Excellence' was born as an idea.

I and my sister, Jasmin Maredia (Co-Founder & Managing Director) came together, to create a range of courses and provide solutions to the growing needs of the students. The work began and it took us several years to plan, research, run pilot projects and execute the programs, that we offer today through our centers and franchisee partners.

We are on a mission to make these life altering courses available to every child in India through our training programs, Franchisee Partners and Centers. And to achieve this mission we need enthusiastic, energetic, passionate and zealous Franchisee Partners, who can take this mission forward to their cities / towns / talukas / villages. We want to create Edupreneurs, so that they can grow their educational business & live their dreams and the children in their city / town / taluka / village can be empowered with our life transforming courses.

So, I hereby take this opportunity to invite teachers, educated housewives, preschool owners, activity centre owners, graduates, businesspersons, professionals or anyone, who want to create a difference in the lives of children & their parents and at the same time be their own boss or become Edupreneurs or expand their current educational business set up or grow their revenues. Together we can make a difference in the lives of people around us and also dare to dream & achieve BIG.

So if you are willing to succeed and wanting to be a part of the modern revolution creating a KNOWLEDGE economy, do feel to write or call us.

Warm Regards,
Imran Sherwa (Founder, Managing Director & CEO)


Imran Sherwa

(Founder, Managing Director & CEO)

Jasmin Maredia

(Co-Founder & Managing Director)
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