Course Description

This is the advanced level after the Young Readers. This exclusive program includes more complex sounds like Digraphs, Diphthongs, Long vowel Sounds, Silent Letters, Ending Sounds, Contractions, Compound Words, Soft ‘c’, Soft ‘g’ and many more, which enables the child to read more tricky words. The child is exposed to a variety of new words to ensure maximum practice for each of the sounds and boost the confidence of the learner. The child at this stage reads more complex sentences, paragraphs, story books and books from international authors as fluently as ever. The learners at this level are also given exposure to making sentences, paragraph writing, picture talk and so on, which will build their speaking and writing skills alongside their reading skills.

Course Highlight

  • Complex and tricky sounds covered
  • Vocabulary building through pool of new words
  • The best
  • Audio-Visual Aids
  • Exclusive Course Material
  • YTYC (Your Time With Your Child) book to ensure maximum practice.
  • Individualized Reading Practice In Every Session

Course Syllabus