Course Description

In today’s competitive world, it is not sufficient to have a handwriting which is legible and beautiful, but speed plays a vital role as well. With the amount of writing in schools, colleges and coaching classes legible handwriting with speed is very important in taking down notes, writing examinations, submitting assignments and appearing for competitive exams. It is our tendency that when we try to write neatly, our writing speed tend to decrease.

We, at Writing Genius have designed a scientific program to add speed to the improved handwriting of the students. We, after years of research have come up with scientific techniques that increase hand – eye coordination, fine motor skills and visual motor skills. By setting targets, which are to be achieved in a particular time span, the students are motivated to produce the desired learning outcomes.

Course Highlight

  • 15 hours program
  • 1 Hour everyday
  • Exclusive course material
  • Individualized attention
  • No homework
  • Add speed along with legibility
  • Scientific techniques to achieve results

Course Syllabus