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DMIT Fraud

As, any new concept in India is launched, there are people who look for opportunities to cheat people with their fraudulent ideas.

  • This is to bring to your awareness that many of the people in India have been selling DMIT software, DMIT reports, Midbrain activation music & program/franchisee, which are fake and non authentic.

  • These people or companies have no formal background on DMIT or Mid brain activation and are doing with a pretext to shell out money from innocent people. These individuals or companies are playing with the innocent future of the children with such unethical intensions.

  • Many people have become traps of such people or companies selling DMIT & Midbrain Activation Programs across India.

  • These fraud individuals or companies are working very actively in Gujarat, Delhi, Noida, Maharashtra, Punjab & many such other cities & states across India.

  • The people selling cheap Midbrain Franchisee along with the activation music are copied from various sources from the internet or other music available in the market at cheap rates. The frequency & wave length on which the midbrain is activated is lost or hampered, when the music is copied from various unreliable sources. Thus, using such fake music there is NO Midbrain activation possible and even if it happens, it takes a lot of session with the child to get some visible results.

  • BEWARE of such organizations who are selling cheap DMIT software & Midbrain activation music.
Centre Of Excellence Credentials:
  • Our DMIT software is an authentic software bought from a Malaysian Company.
  • Our DMIT software is certified by DMRC Singapore and DISSC, Singapore.
  • Certified DMIT consultant from DMRC, Singapore.