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DMIT Test results

DMIT Test is a tool, which will provide a comprehensive picture about the individual’s personality and its various parameters. DMIT test can reveal the following information about the person:

1. Inborn Talent

Every child can not become a Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant or a Lawyer but every child can surely become "SOMETHING" (Inborn Talent).
What is that "SOMETHING" (Inborn Talent) ?
Find out your Inborn Talent with DMIT report.

2. Personality & Behaviour

Every person has different personality and behaviour.
Eagle - Dominant,Aggressive,Bold, Independent.
Peacock - Influential, Showy, Enthusiastic.
Dove - Steady, People Oriented & Team Player.
Owl - Compliant, Perfectionist & Analytical.
Find out your personality with DMIT report.

3. SWOT Analysis

Make the right move in your career.
Find out your SWOT Analysis by DMIT report.

4. Level of Multiple Intelligence

Every Child is born with 8 intelligences
1. Interpersonal Intelligence
2. Intrapersonal Intelligence
3. Logical Mathematical Intelligence
4. Linguistic Intelligence
5. Musical Intelligence
6. Visual Intelligence
7. Kinesthetic Intelligence
8. Naturalist Intelligence
Find out the level of Multiple Intelligence in you with DMIT report.

5. Sub intelligences

Every person has 19 sub-intelligences.

1. Planning, Intuitive, Judgment & Execution. 2. Motivational & Emotional Behaviour 3. Reasoning & Problem solving 4. 3D Ideas & Spiritual 5. Geometry, Complex Visual 6. Fine Motor Skills 7. Gross Motor Skills 8. Visual aspect of writing 9. Verbal Memory, Language communication 10. Non-verbal communication
And Many More..

Find out which specific intelligence area is your strength with DMIT report.


Ridge Count
Inborn Potential
Above Average

Find out your learning capacity with Total Fingerprint Ridge Count.

7. Brain Dominance


left Brain


Right Brain


Find out your Inborn Talent with DMIT report.

8. Senses

Each person is born with Five senses:
  • Hear
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • See
Find out your strongest sense by DMIT report. 

9. Thought process

Each person has five thinking process:
  • 1. Action Process
  • 2. Thinking Process
  • 3. Tactile Process
  • 4. Auditory Process
  • 5. Visual Process
Find out your strongest sense by DMIT report.

10. Object Driven/Concept Driven

Get to know how your thoughts lead to motivation.

Find out whether you are high risk taker or calculated risk taker by DMIT report.

11. Executor/Thinker

Get to know whether you are good at planning things or executing them.

Find out the Executor or Thinker in you by DMIT report.

12. My Quotient

Every person has 4 different Quotients:

IQ - Intelligence Quotient
EQ - Emotional Quotient
CQ - Creative Quotient
AQ - Adversity Quotient

Even a weak IQ person can do extremely well in so many areas.Find out the level of your all above Quotients with DMIT report.

13. Preferred Learning style

Every person has different personality and behaviour.

Visual Learner-Learn by seeing.
Auditory Learner- Learn by listening.
Kinesthetic Learner- Learn by doing.

How do you learn?Find out your preferred learning style with DMIT Report.

14. Learning Sensibility & ATD Angle

How quick do you learn?

Are you born to be an Athelete?

ATD Angle < 35 degree - Born Athelete.

Find out your learning Sensibility and ATD angle with DMIT report.

15. Leadership style

Know the Leader in you.

Find out the Leadership Style you are born with by DMIT report.

16. Holland theory

Know your interests and environments that could be used in career building.

Find out your vocational interest with DMIT report.

17. Mckenzie Theory

Find out the lookout of Multiple Intelligence by McKenzie theory.

18. Extra Curricular activities

Get to know the best extra curricular activities to indulge in based on your inborn intelligence.

Find out the most preferred activities by DMIT report.

19. Stream selection

Confused about which stream to choose in School.

Find out the best suitable stream for you by DMIT report.

20. Career Option

Do you know which is most rewarding career for you ?

Make the right move in your career.

Find out the right career option for you with DMIT report.

21. Remedies

Know your weak area and develop it.

Find out the remedies for all the challenging issues.