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Franchise FAQ’s

What is the investment I need to start with ?

Well, the investment depends upon what products you are opting for. The investment will vary in the range of ₹8000 to ₹39000. If you opt for all programs, you get a discount on the total franchisee investment.

What returns or return on investment (ROI) do I expect from my franchisee business ?

The returns depend on how much you want to earn from this business. In other words, the opportunities are countless, it is just the matter of your vision to grow and succeed. You can recover all your investment amount in 3-5 admissions. As per our experience in the business of a decade, the business has a potential to give you high ROI (100 to 500%) as much as ₹100000 per month.

Do I need to own or rent a separate space for this business ?

No not at all. It is not mandatory for any franchisee to own or rent a separate space for these courses. You can either start from your home or we have a few low cost alternatives, where there is no burden of paying high rentals every month and additionally no extra set up cost is required.

We are not from the education field, can we still take up the franchisee ?

Yes, absolutely. Your qualification or experience does not matter at all. All we need is that you are enthusiastic and are willing to take up the commitment of providing this conceptual education to the maximum students. The business model that we provide will help you in all possible ways to take up your business to new heights of success. The Indian private spend on education is estimated about more than $60 billion. Thus, it is an enormous growing business, with countless opportunities.