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Importance of good handwriting

Hand writing is an art which is solely, performed through fingers. The art of handwriting has been a primary concern for many educationalists, for a long time many researches have been made for the development of writing skills. A good handwriting is a sign of success, it speaks volumes about your personality and adds value too, while bad handwriting reflects as being lazy and careless.

Good Vs Bad Handwriting

  • Adds 15% to 20% marks in each subject.
  • Loses 15% to 20% marks in each subject.
  • Up to date in all writing tasks, speed along with legibility.
  • Inability to take down notes, evading school homework.
  • High is Self - Confidence along  with Self – Recognition.
  • Low in confidence, with low motivation & satisfaction.
  • Can make a huge difference in academic scores & admissions in high competitive fields.
  • Can miss out on opportunity to top and excel in class.
  • Adds value to personality & over all learning.
  • Interference in learning and slow down progress