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Multiple Intelligences

  • In India a common method of checking the intelligence level of a child was an IQ test. However it uses only language, maths and logic as a base to find the IQ level. It completely overlooks talents in areas like sports, music, art forms, communication etc.

  • The theory of multiple intelligence was proposed  by Dr Howard Gardner in 1983, to more accurately define the concept of intelligence and to address the question whether methods which claim to measure intelligence are truly scientific. In his conception , a child who masters multiplication easily is not necessarily more intelligent overall than a child who struggles to do so. The second child may be stronger in some other kind of intelligence.

  • Dr Howard Gardener proposed 8 different intelligences in humans, which are as follows:
    1. Interpersonal Intelligence
    2. Intrapersonal Intelligence
    3. Visual Intelligence
    4. Kinesthetic Intelligence
    5. Musical Intelligence
    6. Linguistic Intelligence
    7. Logical Intelligence
    8. Naturalist Intelligence

  • Thus, it is very important that our Education System & Parenting should be more focused on developing the intelligences the child possesses and give them proper direction, nurture those and help them understand & explore their innate potentials.