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Our ESP Course

We all want to have children who excel in all facets of life. We want them to have a Whole Brain development, which focuses on improving their intelligence, emotional & creative skills. But with the education system that we have in India, our focus is more on academics rather than having a holistic approach to education. We all want children who excel in their academic results, no matter how weak they are emotionally. Am I making a point here?

People who are successful & happy in this world are so because they are emotionally stable and have control over their emotions. Their minds do not control them, in fact they control their minds. Thus, to make the children successful and happy today, we need to train them how to lead their life? How to learn life skills & attitudes? How to manage & control their emotions, feelings & thoughts? This, program is designed towards not only making your child an academic genius but a LIFE GENIUS.

We have a very different perception with this program and its execution as well. The 36 hour program is involved with a lot of brain exercises, brain stimulation sessions, life skills activities, yoga & energy exercises, motivation, dance & music, role play, meditation, exercises to channelize emotions, mindfulness, EFT, NLP, The Journey and a lot of LIFE TRANSFORMING activities.

Our Methodology

  • We provide trainings like Mind Development Training, Learning Enhancement Training, Life Skills & Life Attitude Training.
  • Our course ensures the learning of Psychological concepts of Sleep Learning & Positive Feeding, it also re-programmes the sub conscious mind through Alpha Programming.
  • Modern Technology of Brain Development.
  • Advance Brain Wave Frequency.
  • Brain & Eyeball Exercises.
  • Yoga & Meditation.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to empower children get rid of negative emotions and stress.
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to develop self belief, confidence, positive attitude towards exams, life etc.
  • Journey process to get rid of past negative memories or emotions, which sometimes lead to learning difficulties, low confidence, low self esteem, low self expression and phobias or fears etc.
  • Activities to practice Mindfulness.
  • Learning Life Attitudes & Life Skills with Group Activities & Videos.
  • Learning in a stress free & fun environment.
  • Our course is NOT at all focused completely on Blindfold outcomes, as we believe it is just a bonus of the course. The actual outputs are LIFE TRANSFORMING, which many companies either do not know or do not want to focus on.
  • Our Master Trainer is trained from International Trainers to ensure the best quality program to the learners.

The areas we work on

Psychological development:
The course helps the development of photographic memory, which helps in retention & recalling. It balances the left & right brain, activates the senses which helps in focus & concentration.

Emotional development:
This is considered to be an important area, considering low emotional quotient found in today’s children, which is one of the reasons we hear many children taking drastic steps like committing suicides. Our course is to help the children understand their emotions and then channelize them in a positive way. It helps develop a strong emotional quotient which is very much needed to face problems and adversities in life.

Spiritual development:
This area of development improves them to better connect with their higher selves in order to find solutions to their problems, stay calm and focused, be happy & stress free, remain focused to their higher good & be global citizens to create a positive change around them.

Life Skills & Life attitudes:
The course focuses on developing important life skills to face challenges & problems in life with confidence & self belief without the fear of failure. It trains the children to manifest success, results and anything they desire in their life. It trains them to handle conflicts at school & home effectively through complete self expression.

Life Values:
This is an area which humans lack in modern time. The children are trained for important life values of forgiveness, gratitude, unconditional love and making a real difference in their lives and the people around by working with their energy.