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Our Methodology

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Every student wants that his handwriting be legible, but every 3rd school going child has problem with his writing. Mostly teachers & parents advise the students to write properly neatly, write big or small, write slowly beautifully etc. but nobody tells them how to write. We at Writing Genius teach students "HOW" to write.

Writing Genius is a unique conceptual program which offers the technical knowledge and assistance in the world of Handwriting. Our innovative methodology helps in improving the Handwriting skills, in a very short time with proficiency. At Writing Genius we analyze, repair, add speed and style to handwriting. We work on individual flaws, which are been analyzed on the first day of class. The techniques used by us are scientific and full proof, we have testified the same with thousands of students with 100% results. Our unique scientific techniques developed to improve any handwriting within 7 HOURS only.