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Phonics Fun FAQ’s

My child is taught phonics at school, then why should I enroll my child with you ?

Phonics is a vast subject; as vast as the English language. There are a lot of rules for pronunciations in the language. The phonics taught in school is very basic and it covers a few regular sounds. The child also doesn't get any reading practice, which is very difficult in a class of 40-50 children. The program we offer covers over 100 sounds, along with a lot of words to practice. The child learns as many rules of pronunciations and gets a lot of individual reading practice. Each sound is taught through a different action and children learn in different ways, the program includes a variety of multisensory tools that appeal to visual, auditory, and experience-based learners.

How often will the class be held ?

The class will be held once a week for 2 hours. This applies for both 'Young Readers' and 'Super Readers'.

My child is in Sr.Kg, which level should I enroll in ?

Your child will begin the program from the beginning as it is very important to build the early foundation of sounds. The duration of the course will be for 1 year, class twice a week for 2 hours. This will combine both 'Young Readers' & 'Super Readers' levels in 1 year.

Can I enroll my child just for the 'Young Readers' course and not continue for level 2 ?

It is perfectly fine to quit after the 'Young Readers' level but the 'Super Readers' level is an advanced level course, which will train the child for more complex words and rules of pronunciations. It is an exclusive level designed to master the skill of reading and completing both levels will help the child to become a fluent and confident reader.

Will this course help my child to speak and write well ?

The course is designed in such a way that it caters all the areas of language development (listening, speaking, reading & writing), though our area of focus is reading. A fluent reader, with a love for reading can master any language. The reason being that he understands the meaning of words that he reads, has a large vocabulary to use while speaking and writing, is excellent in sentence formation and of course a master reader.