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Writing Genius FAQ’s

My child learns writing in school, so how will your program help ?

The school does not analyze and repair individual handwriting because the teachers are not trained to handle such educational requirement. The schools, with so many subjects to teach do not emphasize enough on this area, which can affect your child's academic and social performance. We, at Writing Genius have devised scientific techniques, where we work on individual flaws in handwriting and work towards its improvement.

What if the improvement is not done in 7 Hours?

This conceptual program is been tried and tested on thousands of students with 100% guaranteed success. If, in case there is no improvement in the child's handwriting, we do devote a few more days to work towards achieving the desired results, if even after that change is not seen we refund you the full amount of the fees paid.

What are the benefits of this program?

An improved Handwriting ensures that the students1. Get better scores in exams (10-15% improvement in marks) 2. Have self recognition & self satisfaction. 3. Gain confidence level. 4. Add value to their personality. 5. Increase creative skills. 6. It is considered as a onetime investment on the child to reap the benefits.

Do we, as parents need to teach our child at home?

The program is designed in such a way that the child does not need to do any homework but we do encourage parents to monitor and encourage the child to write according to the techniques taught in class.Note:'Introduction to Handwriting' course does have some homework to ensure regular and more practice to the young preschool learners.

Will improvement in handwriting, decrease speed?

Yes, the improvement in handwriting will lead to decrease in speed. But with 10-15 days of regular practice, the child will gain its natural speed along with the improved writing. To gain more speed to your child's handwriting, we do offer 'Speed Writing' course specially designed to serve this purpose.

Who can join your program?

Our program has been designed to cater all age groups, although different age groups have different needs and learning capabilities. We cater to preschool learners/school students/college students/graduates/professionals/adults.

Are all the programs the same for different age groups?

No, the programs are designed keeping in mind the individual learner's age, their needs and learning capabilities. The duration also differs for different age groups. Although the road to improvement is different, the destination remains common. Refer to the courses for more details.

The fees you charge seems to be too high?

The program designed has 100% success rate and is been tested on thousands of children, who are ripping the benefits with improved self-confidence, higher grades, high self esteem and academic progress. Just imagine, you pay high coaching class fees to improve your child's grades but sometimes with no positive outcomes. Whereas a good handwriting can improve your child's grade by 10-15%. It is also considered as a onetime investment on your child for them to reap its benefit for the rest of their lives.